Wednesday, September 15, 2010

LOST SECRET - Queens Hall Of Science (Chamber Musik US) CD

LOST SECRET - Queens Hall Of Science (Chamber Musik US) CD

Title: Queens Hall Of Science
Label: Chamber Musik US
Format: CD

Track listing:
MP3 Sample Intro (feat Mowie Kei)
MP3 Sample Les Mysteres
MP3 Sample You Suck
MP3 Sample Sixteen Crucified Messiahs
MP3 Sample What If God Was A Girl (feat Jakineko)
MP3 Sample Wild Wild East (feat B Yakin Allah)
MP3 Sample The Biff Song (feat Christbearer)
MP3 Sample Sicilian Kombat (feat Soul Kid Klik)
MP3 Sample Godz & Masonz (feat Buddha Monk)
MP3 Sample Conspiracy Theory (feat D The Dragon)
MP3 Sample Lost Secret
MP3 Sample Requiem For The Fallen (feat Malik Dedicated To Weldon Irvine)
MP3 Sample Mad Hatter
MP3 Sample Delta Force 2007 (feat Ced Gee of Ultramagnetic MCs)
MP3 Sample Arrest The Planet (feat Seoul Kid Mike)
MP3 Sample March Of The Damned
MP3 Sample Here We Go Again (feat Allah Real)
MP3 Sample End Of The Beginning (feat Storm Da Ghetto Mutant)

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