Friday, September 24, 2010

SLOW TO SPEAK / VARIOUS - Core: 1992 (FREE DELIVERY) (Slow To Speak US) mixed CD

SLOW TO SPEAK/VARIOUS - Core: 1992 (FREE DELIVERY) (Slow To Speak US) mixed CD

Title: Core: 1992 (FREE DELIVERY)
Label: Slow To Speak US
Format: mixed CD

Track listing:
- Down With The King
- Above The Clouds
- 93 Til' Infinity
- Self-Styled Wisdom
- Steppin' To The AM
- Indian Girl (An Adult Story)
- Public Enemy
- Grand Verbalizer, What Time Is It?
- It's My Thing
- Chief Rocka
- I Ain't No Joke
- Step In The Arena
- I Get Around
- Summertime
- Passin' Me By
- Fakin' The Funk
- Let it All Hang Out (Pete Rock remix)
- Funky Child
- Uptown Anthem
- Jackin' For Beats
- Welcome To The Terrordome
- Deep Cover
- How I Could Just Kill A Man
- I'm Bad
- Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody
- What About Your Friends
- Iesha
- Lost In The Storm
- Sally Got A One Track Mind
- Lots Of Lovin' (remix)

Featured Drum and Bass artists:
Fabian Dellamonica
Gustavo Lamas

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