Wednesday, September 15, 2010

FRENCH MONTANA / BIG MIKE - Black Friday (Electric Feel) 192 mp3, 320 mp3, wav

FRENCH MONTANA/BIG MIKE - Black Friday (Electric Feel) 192 mp3, 320 mp3, wav

Title: Black Friday
Label: Electric Feel
Format: 192 mp3, 320 mp3, wav

Track listing:
MP3 Sample Married To The Streets (feat Akon & Mase - remix)
MP3 Sample Psycho Groupie
MP3 Sample Take It Over (feat Dame Grease)
MP3 Sample Pop Bottles
MP3 Sample Whatever Man
MP3 Sample Shake The Game
MP3 Sample Im So Wavy (feat Max B & Hollywood Fergie & Dyber))
MP3 Sample Uh Huuh
MP3 Sample The Come Back (feat Sky High)
MP3 Sample The New Way (feat Max B & Dame Grease)
MP3 Sample Tonight (feat Max B)
MP3 Sample I'm The One
MP3 Sample When We Come Thru (feat Ransom)
MP3 Sample Porno Star (feat Max B)
MP3 Sample What Your Money Like (feat Max B)

Featured Drum and Bass artists:
Dj Morphoaega
Gustavo Lamas
Dj Loder

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