Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SLEEPY D / VARIOUS - The Active Tape (iMob) 192kb / s mp3, 320kb / s mp3, wav

SLEEPY D/VARIOUS - The Active Tape (iMob) 192kb/s mp3, 320kb/s mp3, wav

Title: The Active Tape
Label: iMob
Format: 192kb/s mp3, 320kb/s mp3, wav

Track listing:
- Gas Dat N*gga
- DB The General Drops
- The Hardest Out
- All Gas Freestyle
- In Da Game
- G Wagon
- Rock Wit Me
- Sleepy D Checks In
- Throwin Up The M's
- Dope Dick
- Town Thizzness
- Dey Love The Prince
- B*tch I'm The Bomb
- Lil Donnie Checks In
- U Muthaf*ckin Right
- Sleepy f*ckin D
- Mistah F.A.B. Drops In
- Welcome To The Water
- I'm A N*gga From The Streets
- My Town
- 7 Seconds Flat
- DJ Upgrade Drops In
- Teknology
- Give It To You
- Porno Flick
- D-Lo Drops In
- Knockin My Music
- Birch Street
- Lefty Done It
- Has It Occurred To You

Featured Drum and Bass artists:
Plan Quinquenal
Dj Neda

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