Tuesday, October 12, 2010

LOVE, Taura (aka T LOVE) / VARIOUS - Picki People Volume One (Pickinniny US) 2xLP

LOVE, Taura (aka T LOVE)/VARIOUS - Picki People Volume One (Pickinniny US) 2xLP

Title: Picki People Volume One
Artist: LOVE, Taura (aka T LOVE)/VARIOUS
Label: Pickinniny US
Format: 2xLP

Track listing:
- 3 Steps To Emotion
- Back II My Roots
- Summertime People
- Lemon To A Lime
- Dusty Grooves
- Piece Of Mind
- Don't Stop
- Keep On
- This Is The Jazz
- Fly Away With Me
- Think They Make Geez
- Martinique
- Comin Up
- A New Soul
- What Goes Up
- Beat 348!
- Over Now

12-10-2010 Critycal Dub, Luis Zerillo y Bad Boy Orange en +160
28-09-10 Isaac Maya, Pablo Terreil y Bad Boy Orange en +160
17-09-10 Bass or Die 2 â€" Gone, Rol3x y Dj Neda

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