Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PUDGE - Idiot Box (FREE DELIVERY) (Ramp Recordings) CD

PUDGE - Idiot Box (FREE DELIVERY) (Ramp Recordings) CD

Title: Idiot Box (FREE DELIVERY)
Artist: PUDGE
Label: Ramp Recordings
Format: CD
Monday Shipping

Track listing:
MP3 Sample Elektric Werdz
MP3 Sample Everything 2 Me
MP3 Sample Merci Merci Meek
MP3 Sample Whut Happened
MP3 Sample The Price Is Wrong B...
MP3 Sample Wholehearted
MP3 Sample Lost AngeLA
MP3 Sample Intensitivity
MP3 Sample Don't Get Too Huxtable
MP3 Sample The Way I Feelately
MP3 Sample Still Love Lost...
MP3 Sample Allow Me To Waste Time (bonus track)

Featured Drum and Bass artists:
Dj Bad Boy Orange
Gustavo Lamas

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